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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Superiority vs. Inferiority

Inferiority complex means to see yourself lower than what you got to confront; Superiority complex on the other hand is to see yourself greater than them!

Superiority complex does not mean "pride" although it appears to be so in the eyes of those who want to see it so. When you feel a higher esteem over the obstacles you desire to surmount, you highly overcome them and can still count a reserved energy to spare!

People with inferiority intentions do not go after their dreams not because they can't go; but because their passion is not strong enough to turn the wheels of success...and there they go, becoming losers, defeated by their obstacles!

In every dream you pursue, you attract it's respective version of opposition. Going back will not solve any problem; Regrets will not change anything either; Superiority should be your priority!

You are powerful beyond measures! You are superior to your opposition! Its time to make a change in the world. Remember, that change begins with the powerful You!

Israelmore Ayivor

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