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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Your dreams can jump with joy!

When you are happy for other people's dreams, your dreams start jumping up with joy. Elizabeth was happy with Mary and her dream baby was jumping in her womb for joy!

Selfish people do not make it in life with joy. Your joy must lead to the joy of another person. Likewise, another person's joy should make you happy! This was how Jesus lived. His compassion was meant to make the hopeless people regain happiness and hopeful people get more hope!

When your friend rejoices and that becomes the reason why you frown your face and he/she goes down, that defines your happiness, go and watch yourself. I believe something definitely went wrong with you! Your dream wanted to jump up with joy, but your inability to accept your friend who is doing it greatly and give him or her more hope may be the reason why it had a still birth!

Go, say Hi to the very one you never gave that hope! Elizabeth is leading the way... Let's follow... One, two three…

Israelmore Ayivor

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