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Thursday, 16 January 2014

#7. Fear of the unknown: (Seven types of FEAR that drives success away)

This is the oldest kind of fear that cripples the successes that could have been keeping the entire world at the level of excellence by now.

This kind of fear could see even if you close your eyes and keeps your body hot even if the weather is cold. This fear has its good side and that is to say, it keeps us out of trouble. However it is this same fear that can keep us away from our successes.

Inasmuch as a child may fear the darkness because he does not know what may be hiding there and would be protected, so can a man waste his opportunity to invest into a business that produces more profits because he does not know what is in there for him.

Risk taking is a major component of successful action plans. But the fear of the unknown is a major threat to this component. If you always declare yourself a loser when you dream about creating a path which would lead to a place no one had been before, you will miss your success out. Take calculated risks and bear it in mind that “everything was impossible until the first person had it done”.

Read the full article with all the "Seven (7) types of fear that drives success away" by clicking here...

One week is already gone. Enjoy the rest of the 51 weeks in 2014!

Shalom and Peace to you!

#UcanDoIt. Great day!

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