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Thursday, 16 January 2014

# 5. Fear of the unattempted: (Seven types of FEAR that drives success away)

You may have watched old people showing their regressions for the things they knew they should have done when they were young but could not do. Some of them express this when a child speaks to them about their passions. “I had also wished to be a pilot when I was young, but…”, are the formats of their words and their sentences usually end with justifications such as lack of money and support, most of which are lies. 

The major dream killer is the fear of starting to live your dreams. When your dreams remain dreams or have graduated into clearly defined plans, but remain to sit on the paper for years till it becomes too late, those dreams will definitely die their unnatural deaths and then become “ghosts”. 

Because your fear was their killer, their first and last point of attack is you! They keep worrying your mind till you becomes angry at the situations that could not make you unleashed them. The easier way to conquer the fear cause by the undone things is to have them done before it becomes too late.
Never leave your plan unattempted.

Read the full article with all the "Seven (7) types of fear that drives success away" by clicking here... 

#UcanDoIt. Great day!

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