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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Go for the best coach!

The role that people play in your life can determine how far you can go. Football Coaches do play football matches; their attitudes toward the game in times of tendencies of losing can cause a change in the scores of the games!

You got to be around people who encourage you, advice you and want to see you go even higher and higher than they themselves are! Friends who mock your dreams are not qualified to keep dusting your door step with their footprints every time. There comes some special times that you got to keep "impossibility thinkers" behind you and walk with those are prepared to go forward with you because that is the only option to keep you going!

A good coach can be a caring parent, a wise teacher, an exemplary pastor, a passionate friend or a devoted mentor. Keep in touch with all of them especially at the time they are needed. However, the best ever spiritual coach you can ever have is Jesus Christ; our model of true leadership!

You can do all things through Christ your and my spiritual coach!

#UcanDoIt. Great day!

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