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Thursday, 30 January 2014

God alone knows best!

I get confused when a young person dies and everyone goes like "he died an UNTIMELY death"! The question is "how many years have you given to him or her to know if his current age has not reach the one you gave out?" If you don't give a number of years to someone to live, how can you know whether he exhausted them or some are left before he died?

I begun to learn lessons in life and somewhere along the line at age 16 when I lost my Dad, I concluded these three keys at that sad and cold night when I couldn't sleep due to the sad news. I called them "The three keys of mystery". Later at age 22, I watched Dr. Myles Munroe in a video where he shared "five (5) keys to set man out of depression". It's awesome my three keys of mystery appeared among the five. These I share;

1. You cannot be responsible for somethings that happen on earth. You may attempt to act, God God alone will decide. Somethings are mysteries!

2. You can't control some things that are moving; give them way to pass else they crush you woefully with painful regrets!

3. You can't know and understand everything that happens on earth. You can't explain why they happen; only God can do that, so stay away!

These keys are still fresh in my mind and in times like these where a young energetic man like Komla Dumor should pass on! This principles set me at peace in times of sadness! The one who controls our existence is above. Anything that afflicts our emotions should be channeled through to our maker; he has the best answer I believe is answer regins irrespective of our opinions and experiences about life!

Our required action in times of hurt should never be "silence in times of prayer", but "passionate in prayer and silence in times of expectations"!

God alone knows the business plan he has. Let's not distracted God with our words in time of pain!

God, take your seat, we can't occupy it!

Israelmore Ayivor

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