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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Your fears FEAR YOU!

Fear keep us static because of one reason; “our ignorance”. The fact is that “fear” itself fears us, but you may not know. It’s like a sheep in the wolf’s cloth and it will take your ignorance for it to drive you away. 

Take a time to study the anatomy of your fear and you will realize that it is like a wall without foundations which a slight blow can demolish.
Ignorance becomes the linguist that keeps whispering to let you know that you can’t move out of that wall because it is strong. Never give up when you hear those terrifying voices telling you not to move on. 

Don't listen to friends who are brave at packaging fear for you in their deceptive communications. They may come in words like; "after all, everyone tried it before, but it could not work". Everyone tried, and so what? You are not "everyone"; you are you and you got to believe that promptly!
People who attempt proving to you that "you can't make it" are the same people who will say "oh yes, we know you could do it". 

Stays connected to your dreams and remember, YOUR FEARS ARE AFRAID OF YOUR PASSION. Any time you prove to them that you are afraid of them, it is then that the gather the vim to destroy your dreams.
Kill the fears now; your passion is your weapon!

#UcanDoIt. Great day!

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