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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Make extra-large impacts!

The size and height of the tree determines how heavy the ground will shake when it falls. The cassava tree falls and not even the pests in the forest are aware. The baobab tree falls and the whole forest looks empty!

What makes the forest to appear empty when a mighty tree falls? Guess. It's the influence, the dominance, the exceptional and outstanding height that give the forest a name. Such is the life of human beings!

People who make great impact are well remembered due to the empty seats that remain after their death. It takes time to fill the empty seats that are left unoccupied by people who walked great in great footprints.

What are you doing today to make a great impact on earth after your demise? Think about it! You may or may not be a famous person to answer this question. How many hearts have you been able to inspire and impress by your sense of existence?

Live life so well that, even if you die, the empty seats behind you will tell the story that, "yea, this soul did what God sent him/her to do". Give life and hope into your family, village, community, country, continent and the world at large. You can do it!

I wish you all a fruitful life (a life that has fruits). I love you!

Israelmore Ayivor

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