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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Grow up, Move up!

It's when the seed grows up that it is known as the tree. Nobody calls the "seedlings" as "trees" and no seedling is even useful because it doesn't produce fruits!

No matter how potent your talents are, they remain to be out of use until you take time to develop them to their optimum level. This calls for preparation. Through preparation, personal branding, consistent exposure and productive connections, you set up a condition for your dreams to flourish and bear fruits!

People who go to exploit their talents after no or inadequate preparation only end up producing a little. That tells why you may plant the same variety of seeds on different lands and they grow and come out with different levels of sweetness! The condition is that every land had it's own level of preparation and that is the secret of the sweetness or bitterness of the fruits!

You cannot eat the fruits unless you climb up a little more. The fruits are on top and you got to go up to pluck it there. Don't stop learning; keep growing, keep going!

Nothing comes as an accomplishment instantly. Success does not come overnight. Patience is the key! Grow up and be the tree; but remember it takes dry and wet seasons to become a fruit bearer, achiever and impact maker!

Your potentials are called "potentials" because they are "potent". Don't make them impotent by your impatience!

God is there for you!

#UcanDoIt. Great day!

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