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Saturday, 28 September 2013

You don't have monopoly on God!

Israelmore Ayivor
The attitude with which we pray to God really matters so greatly. When we go to God with pride and disregard for our counterparts, contempt, arrogance and scorn in our hearts, we waste our time. A sincere Christian does not give thanks to God for making him better than his friends; he prays for them to become as sincere as he/she is.

There are instance where some people think they are the superiors and others are outcasts; that is not scriptural!

SuperioRITY is not a NecceSITY in ChristiaNITY. We all have one supreme God who loves us all with an equal first class degree of love with honours. God does not love me less that how He loves you! No wonder he made his salvation accessible to & affordable by everyone, both poor and old.

You don't have monopoly on God. If man were to have monopoly on God, some would have kept God in their houses and lock him indoors to prevent him from reaching to others!

Our father loves us with an equal love every day!

Live life so well!!!

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