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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Love is the Value!

Israelmore Ayivor
LOVE means a L-Life O-Of V-Value to E-Everybody!

How valuable are you to other people? How influential do other people consider you to be to them? Do you really love as you always claim it? "Love" is a word easily said, but hardly valued!

Live life in such a way that when you are absent, people remember you for who you are because of what you've done. When you pursue your dreams in life, even your enemies will appreciate the success of your actions; just that they will not open up to say it!

One of our major purposes on earth is to have dominion and take good care of other creatures at our disposal. Our care demonstrates our value to them and our carelessness proves our negligence to do God's work.

Live your dreams; Device better opinions; Promote constructive criticisms with the goal of making an impact that will add value to everyone including the unborn...

Nail your impacts on hearts and as long as they pump, your L-Life will be O-Of V-Value to E-Everybody!

Live life so well!!!

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