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Monday, 30 September 2013

Laughter galore!

Laughter is a medicine whose overdose is not an intoxication. Smiles are weapons whose over exploitations are never dangerous. Since I can smile and never be charged for each package of smiles, why can't I add laughter to it and do them together unnecessarily?

Laughing while cooking; laughing at your stew! Smiling while walking; smiling at the floor! Laughing while sleeping; Laughing at your dreams. Smiling while doing your own thing in the toilet; smiling at the flies!

Well, I want to agree that laughter is not only a medicine, but also a vaccine. It does not only cure, but also prevents anger, bitterness and hatred of all brands. Why don't you get immune to all those bad attitudes that have no known essence? You can, if only you can smile, grin and laugh unnecessary!

Too much of everything is bad; but too much of laughter is the best. Have no limits for your self-made happiness because "nobody will happy you"! However, be careful that your laughter calls for no alarm. When it does, it now becomes a teasing or mockery...!

Happy yourself.... Live life sooooo well!!!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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