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Monday, 30 September 2013

Don't dis-value your identity!

You can't forget, demean or deny who you are! Water cannot forget it is wet; Sun cannot demean its hotness; Snow cannot deny it is can't disvalue your own abilities!

To disvalue something means, to reduce its potency, discredit its ability and make it less useful. You make yourself a disvalued being when you are born "original" and die as a "photocopy"; or you fly like the “Tsetsefly” when you were called to soar like the eagle.

Most people have been suppressed by not stabilizing their own inflation rates against others; that is one harmful effect of low self-esteem! Hidden in every seed, is a great forest! Hidden in every egg is a numberless set of fowls! Hidden in every young child, is a great man or woman! Hidden in you are mighty things you cannot imagine.

You may have felt discouraged by the attitudes of your friends, customers and family...but that should not reduce your value!

If you are great, you are great...yes, and truly, you are!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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