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Saturday, 28 September 2013

God's Kingdom and God's Wisdom!

Israelmore Ayivor
These are the two greatest requests scripture requires us to be obsessed about... These are WISDOM and KINGDOM!

Christ taught; "seek FIRST the KINGDOM of God! But we need the WISDOM of God to know how to pray this prayer. That's why the bible said WISDOM is the PRINCIPAL (first) thing... Get WISDOM and in all your getting, get understanding!

King Solomon was right to pray for Wisdom as his ultimate gift. The Apostles of God were so filled with the Wisdom of God that they sought the righteousness of the Kingdom as their Optimum desire.

We need Wisdom to seek for the Kingdom and we need the Kingdom to have the Freedom to possess all other things!

May the good Lord of Promotion and Protection; Dependability and Reliability; Sustenance and Deliverance; Honour and Favour.... Enrich us all with an Undiluted pack of WISDOM, so that we can make Good Discretions, for Better Devotions and have Best Directions! May your devotion be for the Kingdom!
#Kings, Live life so well!!!

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