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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Your body!

Israelmore Ayivor
God hides things in things; in the seed, he hides a forest; in an embryo, he hides a nation; in today, he hides the vast future!

Your body is an office where God had hidden many great treasures of victory and power of influence and supernatural dominion. You may not see or feel them, but they are in there!

I see no reason why you should now expose that office on the streets, for people to see those hidden gadgets that God expects you to use for curving, culling and constructing your success! Ladies, you are selling your bodies when you feel like exposing it to attract men's attention its main function. And I guess who should be paid when you sell your body, because it does not belong to you in the first place. If you receive the pay, you have robbed God... And God is not even interested in the pay, because he did not make the body to be sold!

Come back to your roots. Visit the office of your body. Enter it. ALL THE THINGS are there! Employ yourself now~ do something!

 Live life so well!!!

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