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Saturday, 28 September 2013

God's business!

Israelmore Ayivor
In Luke 2:49, Christ said "I must be about my father's business". This statement just means, there are other businesses in the world, but he is motivated to do only the one that pleases his father!

Friends, not every "work" is God's work. There are some works that only make you to serve the devil day after day unawares.

* When God put in you a seed of music, he is not expecting you to harvest immoral, unclean, unwise and purposeless songs in the crafty name of entertainment!

* God does not call you to be a movie star whose movies are immoral. You don't use a wrong method to win right souls. Must you have sex or attempt it in a movie to teach us lessons? No please. Drop it!

Christ will never buy any ticket when on earth to watch "Beauty Ladies' Contest". For what reason will he be at such a programme? He'd only sack participants away from the room as he did in Jerusalem and he does not need a ticket to enter the room and do that!

Imagine "Christ sharing free condoms to young people?" Never!

Do what Christ will do!

Live life so well!!!

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