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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Obey God for who He is;

Israelmore Ayivor
Be the one whose Lord is Jesus and who takes His words as a final authority without any thought of controversy. True believers follow Jehovah, not only for what He does, but especially for who He is.

It is better to believe in the existence of God; obey him in sincerity, honesty and purity, and die only to find out that there is no God; than to pretend there is no God, live a reckless life of vanity, carnality and impurity, die only to find out that there is one God.

If you obey God because of his miracles, signs and wonders, you are highly likely to betray him on the day he withholds his miracles. But if you trust him for who he is, you will maintain a balanced worship for him not regarding what happens or does not happen to you!

Jesus is Lord, no controversy!

Live life so well!!!

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