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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Begin in a small way!

Israelmore Ayivor
A journey of thousand miles they said must begin with a step. Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean. Little steps link to make great accomplishments!

Have you ever seen someone suffered from Chicken pox before? It starts as few itchy spots on the skin. In an event of no treatment, soon the entire skin is covered with several masses of itchy spots all over. The presence of only one spot initially means, there is Chicken pox infection. The little step you take is a golden opportunity that hides a great success.

In an event of you not giving up to treatment you face, the little steps you take will become mountainous accomplishments! Just don't give up!

Never be too obsessed about making a long shot towards the goals; you may end up missing it. Be concerned about little passes and dribbling that will take you there in time. Take the first step of faith; take another step of hope. Move out of your comfort zone and stretch your hands as far as you can!

You will be there!
Live life so well!!!

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