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Saturday, 28 September 2013

What is a blessed memory?

Israelmore AyivorI wonder why everyone who passed away is branded with the title..."of a blessed memory"? For e.g "Mr....., of blessed memory.....etc.

What is a "blessed memory"? Who is qualified to be tagged with the title "blessed memory" after his or her death?

"Blessed" means a God branded quality of something; "Memory" is something that lingers on and on in remembrance! Joining the two words together, we can say "a blessed memory is characterized by a legacy or impact that someone leaves in the memory of people as ordained by God for him or her.

It is no blessed memory when you can't be remembered for a God loved passion, a Holy Spirited vision, or a Heavenly branded mission!

Not everyone who died had left a "memory" and not everyone who had a memory had left a "blessed" one. So not all have a blessed memory!

A person with a blessed memory did what God sent him to do, and made impacts that only God can erase! In all you do, make an impact to leave a legacy! Do something that you will be remembered for and do it well till all is done!

Have a blessed day! Live life so well!!!

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